How to Navigate Twitter Chats


Coming off my post on networking as an introvert, I thought I’d dive into my favorite form of networking: Twitter chats. These hour-long organized conversations on Twitter are by far the most fun I’ve ever had while networking. I can meet people from all across the country and even the globe from the comfort of my own home without needing an ounce of makeup or a stuffy suit.

Despite the low-key atmosphere, Twitter chats can be a little intimidating at first. The conversation moves quickly, making it easy to get left behind or overwhelmed by all the side conversations. Here are my tips on successfully navigating your first Twitter chat:

Use TweetChat to manage the conversation. Don’t make the mistake I did and try to keep up with the conversation using Twitter’s search function. It doesn’t work as smoothly and you’ll be guaranteed to get a little frazzled.

Make personal connections. Don’t be afraid to get behind in the main stream of conversation in order to have a one-on-one chat with another participants. You’ll gain so much more by striking up a conversation with someone whose comment caught your attention than you will by dutifully responding to every question the host throws your way.

Become a regular participant. Even if you feel a little overwhelmed the first time, you’ll quickly gain your footing and people will begin to notice you more. Eventually you’ll establish rapport with other regular participants, which is key to building your network.

Some of my favorite Twitter chats are Chelsea Krost‘s weekly #MillenialTalk and the monthly #CoffeeDateChat hosted by Coffee and Cardigans and Life, Love + Coffee Stains. PRSSA also hosts a number of Twitter chats – find out more about those here.

What Twitter chats do you participate in? Do you have any tips for getting the most out of the conversation?

Photo credit: NYC PR Girls


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