Tracy Wong lecture


I’m a huge fan of Tracy Wong, chairman and creative director of WDCW. His lecture in my media professions class freshman year was one of the main reasons I decided to try out the advertising major and I really enjoyed watching him on The Pitch (and definitely think “zAMbies” should have won). So when he came to campus for the grand opening of Allen Hall, I definitely had to go his lecture. He gave us some really great advice on how to be a successful creative in the advertising agency, but can pretty much be applied to most careers.

Here are his six pieces of advice from the lecture:

    • Ego can hijack your career
    • 99% of a great idea is strategy
    • The greatest creative weapon you possess is your ears: have an empty mind, not just an open mind
    • Embrace compromise
    • Engage in the “Democracy of Good Ideas” – everybody needs to be involved and anything is possible as long as no one cares who gets the credit
    • How to sell great work: Love your client like you love your dog

My biggest takeaways were that you are not your ideas and that ego can stop you from listening to valuable criticism. I think that this is really important and something I could probably keep in mind. I definitely have a tendency to get defensive of my ideas and it can probably stop me from growing and learning at times.


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