After writing this post on living a creative life, I thought I’d share a little about my own daily creative pursuits. I don’t usually have super specific New Year’s resolutions (they’re usually more of a general idea of things I’d like to change or do), but this year I decided to take on a specific goal. I have always been crafty and creative – my mom and all of my grandmas are very crafty and creative and so I grew up constantly making things with them – but it’s easy to let those things slip when things like school, work, and relationships take priority in your life. So my goal for this year is to make or do something creative each week. It can be anything from knitting or sewing to sketching or writing to DIYing something for my apartment. Basically, I just want to set aside a little time in each busy week to be creative and invest time in things I enjoy doing. So far, I haven’t really been documenting my progress in this, but I’d like to start so that by the end of the year, I can look back and feel satisfied with how I’ve spent my free time.


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