Facebook’s Graph Search


A few years ago, Facebook was THE social media. Now, it’s sharing the spotlight with Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. I, for one, only check Facebook after I’ve already exhausted my Instagram and Pinterest feeds or when I’m looking for specific information about someone. With Facebook’s new graph search feature, they’re looking to capitalize on the latter by offering a new way to search for information. Users will be able to search for old photos, friends from a specific area, and people based on their interests. It will also allow users to find the restaurants, movies, TV shows, and music that their friends like. This means that it is more important than ever that brands have a social media presence, specifically on Facebook, and it adds value to being “liked.”

Clara Shih, of Adage, says, “Facebook business strategies going foward will need to include mechanisms to ensure that company pages contain accurate, high quality, and engaging content to not only build, but also maintain fan bases. Subscriptions, likes, and check-ins all count as implicit recommendations, and there is a risk that users will remove their connections (likes/check-ins/subscriptions) to brands that they do not want to be recommending.”


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