Thoughts on the second screen


It’s no surprise that smart phone users are attached to their devices. Our phones are the first thing we look at in the morning, always within arm’s reach throughout the day, and the last thing we touch before going to sleep at night. So it makes sense that brands and advertisers should try to follow their audience to this second screen. However, banner and pop-up ads placed throughout apps are much more irritating than effective. Social media, on the other hand, as proved by Oreo’s now-infamous tweet during the Superbowl, is a promising method for brands to take advantage of this second screen mentality. I think that the one thing brands should be aware of is that anything done poorly gets old really fast – so jumping on the real time marketing bandwagon without actually having anything to say is just going to add to the noise.

The Barbarian Group says, “It isn’t appropriate for every pop culture moment to be responded to by a brand. For example, a cleaning supply company shouldn’t just respond to the Oscars next Sunday because it’s timely, it should choose which things to respond to because it makes sense. Expect to see more awkward reaction posts from brands throughout the year as they try to sort out what their appropriate filter is. ”

Adweek talks about the importance of smart phones in our lives and how advertisers need to address that: “Coming up with ads that take advantage of the smaller mobile screen requires innovation from many parties—advertisers, digital publishers such as Google, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook that sell ad space, and mobile ad networks.”

Fast Company did an article on apps that are shaping social TV here.

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