Social Media at NYFW


Photo credit: IFB

I already talked about the Vine app here, but during New York Fashion Week, it was put to (and passed) the test. Vine took sharing content from fashion shows to the next level and became the go-to social media tool of designers, models, and fashionistas alike. According to the Barbarian Group, “Whether Vine will become as popular as Instagram and Pinterest isn’t certain, but this year, the timing for Vine’s debut made it a perfect platform for Fashion Week.”

I, for one, enjoyed seeing the vines some of my favorite fashion bloggers from runway shows and behind the scenes. These six second video clips capture much more of the experience than Twitter or Instagram.

John Jannuzzi, a contributing editor to Lucky magazine, said in a post on IFB, “Vine gives fashion people another way to share what they’re seeing. Obviously, it gives an entirely different dimension than an instagram or a twitpic. Showing clothes in motion, getting a full view of a finale, and capturing a full look as opposed to a single shot is much more interesting.”

Annabelle Smith of Digital Brand Architects says, “Vine’s success could be attributed to its ability to capture the waning attention spans of millennials, offering super-short clips that are more entertaining than a tweet but still easy to absorb and browsable…The stop-start nature of the app makes it possible to showcase an entire fashion show atmosphere or hone in on intricate design details – all in a matter of seconds.”

Although I haven’t quite mastered the art of Vine myself, I think this new social media trend could be around for a while. Check out ten great fashion week vines here.


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