Brands I love: Target

Unlike with Nordstrom, I don’t have fond childhood memories of shopping at Target. However, Target is still one of my most beloved brands. Target makes a simple promise (“expect more, pay less”) and consistently delivers on that promise. They do one-stop shopping better than anyone else. I can easily head to Target for one thing and come out with a dozen more. Target is my go-to place for home decor, one of my favorites stores for cute clothes on a budget – and all while getting my grocery shopping done. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately for my bank account), Target’s online shopping experience pales in comparison to the real thing. Whereas in-store it is insanely easy to fall in love with many, many items, on their website it can be difficult to find things even when I know what I’m looking for. Target  can be so addictive to shop and I would love to see them tap into that more online.

One thing Target does insanely well is their collaborations. From home decor to fashion, their collaborations with the hottest designers are always very well done and highly in-demand. I, myself, have gotten up early on more than a few Sunday mornings to be at my local Target right when they open at 8am to shop the latest collections by my favorite fashion designers (most recently the Prabal Garung for Target collection, seen in above video). When Missoni did a collaboration with Target, there was such an overwhelming amount of traffic to their website, that all of was down for hours.

Other things I love about Target include the storytelling in their Prabal Garung for Target ad (above) and their 50th anniversary ad campaigns and branding. Interested in learning more about Target? Check out  Forbes’ review of what Target is doing right and Fast Company’s article on the creatives behind Target’s brand.


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