Brands I love: Nordstrom


Photos I took of Nordstrom’s spring catalog via Instagram

My absolute favorite brand is Nordstrom. Aside from their excellent return policy, Nordstrom always puts customer service above everything else. When I was about five and my twin brothers were babies, I remember going to Nordstrom with my mom, where her personal shopper would not only take care of picking out clothes for my mom to try on, but she would also take over watching my brothers and I so that my mom could shop in peace. Nordstrom is such an amazing company because instead of focusing on cutting prices and running a sale every holiday weekend, they put their effort into hiring quality employees and taking small financial hits through their return policy in order to gain their customers trust. Over the summer, I worked for Nordstrom and, with the exception of a few common sense rules, our only guideline was to use our best judgement in every situation. I also appreciate the emphasis Nordstrom puts on fashion, whereas other department stores emphasize prices. Nordstrom sends out high fashion catalogs instead of newspaper ads and writes a fashion blog. I think the care Nordstrom puts into its people and its purpose sets it apart from all other retailers.


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