Thoughts on Pinterest

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I am a natural hoarder. It’s something I inherited from my great-grandmother. I save everything from magazines to glass jars for future DIY projects to fabric scraps to said great-grandmother’s costume jewelry. I’m also a hoarder of images and information, which is why Pinterest is my dream come true. Before Pinterest, I had folders upon folders, each containing hundreds of pictures that I had saved from various corners of the Internet in case I wanted to look back on them later. I rarely did, but there they were, thanks to my love of fashion and desire for inspiration. Pinterest has saved me from a fate of a computer overwhelmed by thousands of files that actually have very little to do with me or my real life. Now, all of my inspirations are kept neatly in one place and I actually do go back and reference things fairly frequently. However, the hoarder in me is nervous that one day Pinterest might disappear and then where would I be without those 4,838 pieces of inspiration? The advertising student in me is shocked that brands aren’t utilizing Pinterest to its full potential. According to this Adweek article, H&M is not even on Pinterest and yet their products are pinned, repinned, commented on, or like 145,000 times a month. However, most of those pins lead to expired pages. Not only is this mass retailer missing out on a lot of potential customers and sales, but they’reĀ also missing a major opportunity to interact and build a relationship with their customers. I personally follow a lot of my favorite brands on Pinterest and the fact that I don’t feel like I’m constantly being spammed makes me value what they put out there a lot more. Any fashion, food, decorating, etc. brand that’s not on Pinterest is missing a huge opportunity.


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