Thoughts on the Vine app


When Twitter launched its new app, Vine, I was very intrigued not only by the possibilities it had for me and my personal brand, but for brands as a whole. I could immediately see the potential of this app for brands to create content that will connect with their customers. The app is easy to use and has many creative possibilities. In just six short seconds, brands can share “behind-the-scenes” footage, reveal sneak peeks of  new products, or make their audience chuckle. Vine allows brands to connect with their customers on a much more personal level than any tweet or Facebook post ever will. Supposedly, Urban Outfitters was the first brand to jump on board and promote themselves through the new social media platform, followed by GAP, Red Vines, and GE . There’s even an analytics tool already out there to measure the traffic your vines are getting. The great thing about Vine is that brands can integrate it into their existing Twitter profile, allowing them to create interesting content without the hassle of building an entirely new audience. Here are some brands that I think are already doing Vine right:

To see more brands on Vine, check out this site.

Edit: To read a smart analysis of why the simplicity of Vine is a big opportunity for brands, by Brand Republic, go here.


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